Winter break is now here (or over in some cases) and our sights to Spring Break are upon us. IF you have not booked your vacation rental for Spring Break, there is still time! Go to our Where to Stay page and check out the best vacation accommodations in Orange Beach. They still have rooms available!

Ready for summer already? Our friends at Wyndham Vacations by Kaiser Realty have lots of options and great condos. homes and other non-hotel style accommodations. Get ready for your break and prepare with these three main tips:

  1. Secure the best value, not the best price…location is everything in booking vacation rentals!
  2. Be honest with the number of people in your rental-it makes it a better stay for both those servicing the unit, as well as it’s the right thing to do
  3. Don’t plan too much! Pick a day to go to the beach. Pick a day to do an activity-we suggest a Helicopter Flight with Orange Beach Helicopters to see the area, then take a day off. Relax and then repeat!

Enjoy your vacation, bring lots of long sleeves and sun protection, and take moments to slow down and relax.


Orange Beach Helicopters Staff